Monday, July 15, 2013

Catalina arrival, first times a charm

We took the Catalina Express from Dana Point to Avalon (almost missing the boat because of a terrible car accident on the 5).  
The sea was angry that day my friends, people on the top deck got soaked by a rogue wave.  

We rented a condo on VRBO which came with a golf cart.  I did not realize how necessary this would be, being that I was a Catalina new-be.  

Golf carts seem to be the only way to get around the island. 

We arrived on the last boat so we did not have too much day light left.  We had just enough time to explore kayaking and diving options, and have a beer and an appetizer (Greek fries) before heading to the condo to make dinner.    

This is in front of the Casino (which we never did learn about).    

There is something about Catalina, the minute you step off the boat you are on vacation.  

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  1. Catalina is one of those places that you can return to and keep discovering. It looks like you had a fabulous time on your first visit. I love the joy on Fred's face in the golf cart.

    I warned you about rough seas. How did the new medicine work? You never said. Looks like Day 1 was a success.


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