Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 2 in Catalina: drinks, snorkel, drinks, golf cart, drinks, dinner

It is after 11 so I can drink guilt free!  
Fred and I had planned to dive but had such a terrible experience at Dive Catalina (wasting over an hour of our time) just before a full blown panic attack set in we left the shop.
I went to Vons to buy some wine and the guy in front of me bought it for me.  A sign we made the right decision perhaps?

As it turned out we totally made the best choice.  We did not need to dive the Underwater Park.  We saw so much snorkeling, and I think there was a lot more room on top than there would have been crammed on the bottom with a bunch of inexperienced divers.  

Fred swam with this seal (but I missed the shot).  

Fred is such a show off!  

My underwater Lumix is so awesome.  I could not narrow down which pictures to post.  

After one of the most incredible snorkels ever were ready for happy hour.

First stop was the Sand Trap, next to the golf course (cute name!).  The happy hour drinks were a bargain at 3$ a beer, and the veggie nachos did not last long.  

Then we did a scenic drive on the golf cart, followed by a walk on the pier, more drinks, and dinner.  


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  1. Your snorkeling photos are incredible. The fish are so pretty. I love the colors.

    Sweet about the generosity of strangers. Also, I love the condo. I would like to see more photos of that. Would you recommend it?

    I love the parting shot. What a place for a beverage. Nice sharing.


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