Thursday, July 14, 2011

Arnhem herrings etc.

I read that I had to eat a herring... it was NOT what I was expecting. It is a big raw fish covered in raw onions!

I realize that it is a Dutch specialty and I am glad that I tried it, but I do not think I actually enjoyed it. I finished the bite that was in my mouth but I gladly gave away the rest to Freddy.

Karlijn's parent's Jan and Antoinette, who live a bike ride away from Arnhem, treated us to lunch. We all got the same meal; salmon avocado shrimp salad sandwiches on wheat bread. I guess none of us could resist this meal.

I love cheese!
Cheese shops are all over the Netherlands. It makes me realize I don't know a thing about cheese. For example, I thought goat cheese was always soft. They have all kinds of goat cheese, and it is all hard.

After cheese shopping we picnicked like the Dutch; cheese, crackers, and wine at a local park.

Karlijn showed us such a great time in Arnhem. We are already ready to visit again!
Boy and Lisa gave up their living room as a bedroom for Karlijn so we could take over her bedroom.
Dutch people are great. :)

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  1. I love the second photo where it looks like the herring is still in your mouth... lingering! I'm not a fan either. Sounds like you had an incredible experience! Good for you babe. The picnic is my favorite as far as concept of what to do in Holland! YUM


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