Saturday, July 23, 2011

London Bridges Falling Down

Fred and I had a lovely day in London.  The storms dissipated and the sun came out, a prefect day to explore London.
Behind me is the London Eye, built in 2000 for the Millennium it has become a symbol of modern Britain at 443 feet tall.

I never thought I would be standing in front of Big Ben. London wasn't at the top of my travel list, although now that we have been we know we will return.

Fred wanted to see a debate at the House of Parliament (behind us, right next to Big Ben) but they are on summer recess. 

Our first fish and chips!  It was delicious but not what I was expecting. It was a large fried fish (I was expecting fish sticks) and it came with pea mash.

The Imperial War museum, restored rooms of the secret British underground bunker often used by top British officials as a headquarters during World War II, was incredibly interesting.  I went for Fred because he loves WWII history, but I was intrigued by the history in these rooms.

We ended our day at evensong in Westminster Abbey. The entire evening prayer is sung by a chorus. The music reverberated in the walls of the church. It was just beautiful.


  1. I'm surprised London wasn't on your list. I love the town and it's history but it is a huge drain on one's pocketbook (unless you have Ian to stay with- Hey Ian, I love London and I'm fun!). Anyway, your day looks like the stuff London travel books are written about.

    A sung mass is my any country. Glad you went to one in such a historically significant church. Well done babe.

  2. Bummer you guys couldn't watch the crazy debate fights in Parliament that I see on tv.

    You kiddos home safe yet? Happy almost-first anniversary


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