Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Vernazza is wonderful. Fred and I have spent the last three days enjoying everything that this small harbor town has to offer. Vernazza is the 2nd most northwest town that connects the "five lands", five small villages that are accessible by trail and rail. 
It has calmed down a lot since it was regularly raided by pirates for their famous white wine.

Cinque Terre is famous for its pesto. We immediately got a slice of pizza with pesto...absolutely incredible.

We found ourselves at the restaurant El Torre above the town, along the trail that connects Vernazza and Corniglia. The cat that is sleeping woke up only to switch positions as we dined. The mussels were amazing.

We couldn't stop with the pesto pizza, we had to try the pesto lasagna.

If you are ever in Vernazza go to Gelateria Artigianale and try the Crema Vernazza (I believe it is an orange cream gelato). It is to die for. All the gelato is made in-house by the owners son.

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  1. How was your hotel? Are you happy with where you stayed in all locations? Maybe you can pass on that information in your blogs. Looks like nice weather. We had intense rain but it only made family time more delightful.

    I never knew that about the pesto and white wine. I am learning so much!


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