Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fabulous Florence

There is just something about Florence. Maybe it is because Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, or that throughout history such people as Michelangelo, Dante and Da Vinci had made it their home, or maybe it is the amazing gelato. I just love this city. We were only here for one day so Fred and I raced around so he could quickly fall in love with it as well.

Fred and I ran out of water while exploring and so decided to fill up in this water fountain (as it was the only one we had seen all day and we have got used to filling up in cities). Bad idea! This water tastes like it looks... I think the statue is actually vomiting.

This is the view from the Uffizi Gallery. I have never witnessed Ponte Vecchio from this angle, you can see why the bridge is so well known.
Once again we purchased our tickets online (for a small extra fee) and bypassed the long lines. We spent hours looking at such paintings as Botticelli's Birth of Venus.

Fred and I enjoyed an aperitivo on the Arno river. The beers we ordered were much bigger than we anticipated!

After drinking our dinner we finished up our day in Florence across the river in Piazza Pitti. We discovered this statue in the middle of the piazza (hard to miss I know). It was a lovely way to end our time in fabulous Florence!  Although I wasn't able to convince Fred of the greatness of this midevil town; he preferred Rome to Florence.


  1. Fred prefers Rome to Florence? I can't believe it. BUT I think Steve feels the same way. Maybe Roma is a "guy" town. Love all the photos. It looks like you got the most out of your 24 hour trip to "The Cradle of the Renaissance" and the birthplace of the Italian language. PERFETTO!

  2. Brady and Fred,
    Thank you for sharing your travels. It was good to see Florence and Venice again. It was 30 some years that I was there. I felt the same way about Florence. No water only wine girl in Europe!!!!
    Have fun,
    and Safe ride home,
    Anne Smith

  3. You have gotten me so excited about our upcoming trip. We will be in many of same Italian towns and I can't wait. We loved your pics an comments.
    Aunt Kathy


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