Friday, July 15, 2011

Open Air Museum, Arnhem

The Open Air Museum is a great introduction to the Netherlands. It is the living history of Holland (for ten euro)over the past 200 years; with authentic buildings, equipment, food, beer, and people.

Josh and Karlijn have been many times before but they were happy to come with us, especially Karlijn.  She is like a kid at Disneyland.

These were THE BEST PANCAKES we have ever had!!! I was apprehensive about cheese pancakes, because I associate pancakes with syrup, but cheese pancakes are so much more amazing than they sound. And the poffertjes, small pancakes covered in powdered sugar, were just as incredible. They were so gooey, warm, and wonderful...Karlijn has plans to pay to go to the museum again just for the pancakes. And she is Dutch!

Watching people do things the way they have been done for 200 years is remarkable, when they are as efficient as the Dutch.

This is a paper mill, they still make it the old fasion way. It is beautiful paper.

I love Dutch museums, there was a bar! They brew 't Goeye Goet Wit Bier at the Open Air.

 At the 't Goeye Goet Brewery we tried some more white beer. I love samples!

I do not remember the name of this game. It was fun but confusing when the guy in charge is explaining the game in Dutch, and your friend Karlijn is not translating, just telling you what to do next. At one point Fred had blocked my shot, and then afterwards we realized that we were on the same team. Thanks Karlijn! :)

A beautiful day at the Arnhem Open Air Museum. Windmills, friends, food, and fun!

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  1. Wow! I love it all. I want to go now! Looks like you had great weather too. I have always been a HUGE fan of Dutch pancakes. We had them for dinner one night while there! Thanks for evoking past memories. Enjoy it all.


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