Friday, July 22, 2011

Pub Tour of London

Our first day in London!
PUB # 1:
Ian (Fred's friend since high school who has lived in London for 12 years) took us on a tour of London. His idea of a tour of London is actually a pub tour of London. We started at a German pub where a stein is typical, and holds 2 pints of beer.

German food is great for hangovers. (We had some celebratory drinks at Ian's pub upon our arrival.)

PUB #2: 
The Old King's Head was established in 1881. Ian wasn't impressed, his pub is older.

View from the Tate.

PUB #3:
After checking out the Tate Modern we stopped into a waterfront pub where I got a taste for Bulmer's. Bulmer's makes several ciders but I think my favorite is crushed red berries with lime.

PUB #4:
Gordon's Wine Bar is thought to be the oldest wine bar in London, and according to their website, quite possibly the oldest wine bar in the world.
We got a port and sat outside where signs were posted about watching your purse because pickpockets use canes to snatch them. I suppose after enough ports you become less vigilant. I didn't make it to the bottom of my port so I think I was safe. I split my port between Fred and Ian. It just isn't my thing. 

PUB #5:
We ended the afternoon at Punch and Judy where from the 2nd floor balcony we watched a street performer escape from locked chains wrapped around his body.

We stopped into a cheeseshop on the way home where we tried all the cheeses the cheesemonger had to offer.
I already miss the cheese shops. Stinky cheese is good for me. :)

Rush hour on the underground is not the best time to head home. It gets a bit tricky to make it on (with all your body parts intact).

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  1. Great tour... not one readily available in your London guide book. Wow! Stinky cheese is good for me too. Looks like you guys had a blast. Love the plate of hangover food. YUM. Did I tell you I lost Brenton in Rush Hour in London when he was 12? The scariest thing, as a mom, ever! Glad you survived.


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