Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ghent Festival 2011

We were not sure what to expect for the Festival of Ghent. (When the parade started it really through me off.)  There wasn't much information in English on the internet, but we were glad to be celebrating whatever it was that we were celebrating.

The festival ended up being 34 outdoor stages of every type of music you could think of, all free of charge. Some of the stages START at 4:30am. This is a 10 day nonstop party.
This stage was right around the corner from our B&B.

It was incredible to be listening to a full orchestra with castles and buildings that are hundreds of years old in the background.


It was raining steadily but that didn't stop the festival-goers.

I do not know what to say about these...

We walked into a beer tent to get some 2 euro beer and were immediately befriended by some nice Belgians. They had homemade limoncello that we HAD to (according to them) try.
After this it was a blur. We didn't move from this table for hours.  Beers were being handed to us like tap water (thanks to our new friends!).  We are already ready to come back next year.

It was Thomas who made the Limoncello; delicious and STRONG.

Benny and Len were the ones who grabbed us when we walked in.

Fred and I saw these the day before the festival and thought to ourselves 'there is no way those are outdoor urinals'. We were very wrong.

Fred just had to try it for himself.
Boys are yucky!
Or maybe I am just jealous that I had to pay to pee indoors.

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  1. What a crack up! Aren't you glad you have the photos to help remember! I love it. I find people to be very generous in Europe. We were in the laundry mat the other day and another "washer" asked if we would like a coffee. Who does that in America! Nice memories! Love the whole Ghent event!


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