Monday, July 18, 2011

Sopping Wet in Brugge

We were glad we went out the day we got to Brugge because the next day it rained the entire day, nonstop. It didn't prevent tourists from getting a boat tour of Brugge, although I cannot imagine they saw very much through the wall of umbrellas. 

We escaped the rain with as much indoor activities as possible. We went to this cathedral/art gallery (one of the strangest things I have seen).
We also went to the Groeninge Museum, one of our favorite museums so far. It is a collection of Flemish artwork from the 15th century to current modern art.

For a great view of the town we climbed 366 steps in a steep, narrow, and slippery staircase to the top of the Belfry. This bell tower was also used as an observation post for fires and other threats.

The bell tower has 47 bells which play actual songs that can be heard throughout the town. It is like a giant music box.

Since it was raining we had limited options to escape the weather, so we ran into a nearby chocolate shop. MMMMM MMMMMM.  Chocolate saved the day!

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  1. What did we say? Beer, chocolate, french fries and waffles. What a great country! The photo of the boat with the umbrellas is priceless. I hope you are feeling better! You looked like you felt great in the photos even though I know you didn't...


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