Thursday, July 28, 2011

High Tea and a Seafood Surprise

Ian told us we can't do London without experiencing high tea.  We were treated to an afternoon of tea and clotted cream with scones. 
Clotted cream achieves its thick clotted texture by heating cream from a high-fat breed of  cows and then allowed to cool slowly. It is similar to butter but richer and more sweet.

The clotted cream was served on spoons next to the scones.

We also had the 'pleasure' of eating a seafood platter for two. Between the four of us we shared two of these platters, although I KNOW I did not eat half. I am certain some of these things were not meant to be eaten.

Nothing like eating with fear in your eyes.

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  1. Brilliant... absolutely brilliant. I especially love the pinkies just perfectly poised for tea! The scones look lovely. The seafood, I'd have to pass on. The fear on your face does sum it all up! Wonderful, truly British day!


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