Monday, July 25, 2011


Broadstairs is a coastal town 80 miles southeast of London. I couldn't help but think what a strange name the town has so I wasn't surprised when I discovered that the name has changed throughout history. Bradstow (1350), Brodsteyr Lynch (1434), Brodestyr (1479), Broadstayer (1565) and Brod stayrs  (1610).  I like Bradstow the best, are they taking votes?
Charles Dickens loved this town and used it as a base while he wrote his first book, The Pickwick Papers.  Several of his characters were inspired by Broadstairs residents.

Broadstairs is a great place to get fresh seafood.

We enjoyed the nice weather on the beach. Although there are people swimming in the water it is actually FREEZING! 

Ruby and Tavis were so excited about the ocean. All they wanted to do was play in the sand.

Clothes are on, clothes are off!

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  1. The history you infuse makes it all that more amazing. I love that Dickens was there before you! I love the photo of the sandy bum. So fun to see it all first hand. Grazie mille amica.


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