Friday, July 1, 2011

Last day in Spoleto

Our morning started with a stroll through the woods; not just any woods but the Sacred Woods. In order to walk to the woods we had to cross the ancient Roman aqueduct (behind us).

The laws that protect the Sacred Woods are so old that they are carved into stone.

After our morning walk we drove over to the local cemetery where buying buried is a work of art.

Next to the cemetery is a beautiful church whose frescos are vividly preserved.

We then had lunch at an old farmhouse on a hill overlooking Spoleto. The restaurant is by appointment only. It is served buffet-style, and the chef himself walks out the dishes to set them on the table.

We were the lasts ones at the restaurant (all you can drink wine. We wanted our money's worth).
The chef came over to 'insist' we drink some of his limoncello. We just couldn't refuse!

After our huge meal we lounged around the pool at the country farmhouse.

On the way home we knocked on the door at a family-owned winery to request a jug of wine. They were more than happy to oblige.

Our trip to Spoleto ended the perfect way, in a field of beautifully ordinary sunflowers.
Thank you Denise and Steve!!!


  1. What an incredibly diverse day we had for your last in Spoleto! Way fun. I'm glad you guys were here. I'm still in disbelief that it was only 5 nights.

  2. It would only be more amazing if the all you could drink wine was out of juice boxes ;)

    I heart European cemeteries. A safe trip to you both!


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