Tuesday, July 10, 2012

El Paseo

Because today was my last day of classes my conversation teacher offered to take me for a walk so I could get to know the area better. 

Behind me is la laguna de Masaya, and in the far distance is the town of Masaya.  We could see a church, and a Korean company that makes clothes to sell in Korea.  They pay their workers 100$ per month (not enough for a family to live on unless it is a very small family).  It is sad that Nicaragua seems to be taken advantage of by everybody. 

This is el volcan Masaya, a shield volcano.  It wasn't easy to see this view because it was hot and it seemed to be only uphill but it was well worth it.  How cool that you can see the smoke coming out of the crater!

Una pequena iglesia.

The people whose property we wound up on immediately offered us coconut water, and up a tree he went.

Julio, my conversation teacher, insisted on offering him 10 Cordoba (about 40 cents) for his trouble.  The man resisted at first but Julio simply told him that the man needed more than he did and the man accepted.  (I later returned the money to Julio.)

Que rico!

On our way back to La Mariposa it started POURING.  Luckily there was a house nearby which we stopped at, asking if we could wait on the porch until the rain was menos fuerte.  They brought us chairs to sit on while we waited.
Los Nicaraguenses son muy amables. 


  1. Glad your stay there turned out cool. The valcano is neat!! No marshmallows? Good luck on travel to next place. Love You!!


  2. The hospitality sounds so wonderful. To have such hardship yet be so welcoming. Thank you for being an Ambassador of America, showing the people there how wonderful most of us are!

    The rain looks nurishing. I love all the photos. The small church is one of my favorites. There's something hopeful about it. How did the coconut milk sit with you? Way fun.


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