Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playa San Josecito, Osa Peninusla

I spent 120$ on two tours over the past two days so today I wanted to do something more along the lines of... free.  It was recommended to me to walk south along the beach to San Josecito.  What a gorgeous hike.  Before leaving Bahia Drake I rented some snorkel equipment (practically free day).

I think the beach is this way.
Almost all of the signs here are in English. 

A boat dropped off some necessities for a remote hotel.

Hermit crab party.

A dead halloween crab.

After a little over two hours I made it to San Josecito.  The reason I wanted to walk this far, even though there are beaches closer, is because this is the location where boats returning from snorkeling tours on Cano island come for lunch.  I found the captain (directed by the family I was with at Corcovado yesterday) and asked if I could bum a ride back.  No problem.

I only had about an hour of snorkeling before the boat was ready to leave but I could not believe how great the snorkeling was at this beach.  I saw puffers (unpuffed), angelfish, needlefish, parrotfish, just to name a few.  The colors were amazing, bright blue, yellow, green... incredible.  I let the husband of the family I met (Stephen) borrow my gear and he said it was better here than the tour to Cano island they paid for.  Awesome.

The underwater pictures were taken with Stephen's waterproof GPS...

not bad!!


  1. The lushness of the environment. The solitude of the beach. The kineness of the people you have met. The beautiful of all around you. Are you ever coming home? I am continously delighted by your posts and if I go too long without looking I am almost overloaded in the beauty of what you are seeing.

    You are an adventurer and I admire that quality, among others, in you Brady. Keep going!

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