Saturday, July 14, 2012

La Unica Forma de Ver

Doing tours alone is the same price as doing them with a group.  My hotel (who has a reputable guide) quoted me at 70$ to do a day trip around the island (I wanted to see the waterfall and the petroglyphs).  70$ was out of my price range so they offered me a break.  30$ to rent a motorcycle for the day, and 10$ to rent the driver.  Luckily I got perfect weather and an experienced driver. 
Really, motorcycles are the only way to see the island. 

San Ramon waterfall is a 50 meter waterfall located on the southern slope of volcan Maderas, about a 45 minute walk from the parking lot.  It was well worth the 5$ for the entry fee (I had to pay extra for the motorcycle). 

Over the years crabs have slowly made their way up stream.  This was the biggest crab that Harrington (my guide, and the first person named Harrington on the island) has ever seen. 

I was so impressed by these giant blue butterflies.  They were the size of softballs! 

There are many theories about the petroglyphs on the island.  The oldest one dates back to 1000 BC.  There were seven tribes on the island and some people think that the petroglyphs mark the territory of the different tribes. 

I had no idea cicadas are so big.

When someone asks if you want to go to Santo Domingo POR la playa it does not mean BY the beach, it means ON the beach.

The last place I went on my tour was Chacoverde.  We saw chongos (howler monkeys). 

What an absolutely perfect day. 
 I could not have been happier about my choice to rent the motorcycle. 

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  1. "The only way to see" is such a great title of this post. I could have called everyone of your Central America entries "La Unica Forma de Ver" because your blog is my vicarious trip to all these places.

    I love all the natural components you share. The howler monkeys...yeah you got to see them finally. Was their cry as haunting as I would expect?

    So glad you survived the ride. Not my favorite choice of transportation but sounds like you were given glimpses you would not have had otherwise. Very, very cool.


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