Monday, July 16, 2012

Playa las Penitas

Before I arrived in Leon I thought there would be too much to do in the city and that I would not have the opportunity to go to the beach.  On the contrary, I could not wait to escape the heat of the city.  I took an old yellow school (that I have taken so many times before) to the beach.  They are the main mode of public transportation in this area of Nicaragua. 

Apparently in the States there were issues with shooting missiles out of the bus. 
 Very distracting to drivers...

Playa las Penitas is about an hour away from Leon.  It is a nice to get away from the CONSTANT cat-calls from the men on the streets.  I am used to their noises but it seems amplified in Leon. 

I had the best ceviche at Beach Hostal Oasis. 

Upon my return to Leon I decided to try a typical Nica dish, quesillos.  It is a tortilla with a thin piece of cheese on top, smothered with cream and onions.  Pretty tasty. 

I am always impressed with how well Nicaraguans can balance their livelihood on their heads. 

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  1. I will remember not to throw missiles out of the bus next time I'm in Nicaragua. Hysterical. I love the food photos and I too am impressed by the balancing.

    Nice beach break. Cowabunga baby.


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