Monday, July 23, 2012

La Reserva del Bosque Nuboso Santa Elena

Today I spent the first part of the day at Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve.  I was interested in doing a canopy tour or zip lining but those are all owned by private companies so the fees do not go towards conservation so I stuck with my feet, and the reserve. 
I am so happy with my decision to come here.
A cloud forest is a type of rain forest that receives less rain because it is at a higher elevation so instead of rain, clouds form.  (If you need more of an explanation make an appointment...) 
The forest is filled with sounds of water dripping from trees.  It is totally amazing.

I rented boots for 2$, more for the coolness factor than necessity...

Of course my favorite bird was not found in the forest, but on the boots for rent.

After an amazing day at the cloud forest I caught the 2:30 but to San Jose.  It was a bit of a change of plans after researching and coming to the conclusion that it is impossible to get to Osa Peninsula from Monteverde in one day.  I instead have to get the 5am bus to Palmar Norte, and then take a taxi, and then a boat, and then (after jumping out of the boat into the river because there is no dock) walk to my hotel at Drake Bay...  should be a fun day of traveling!!

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  1. Yes, the $2 boots do increase the coolness factor by a lot. I love them! The first fungi photo is amazing. What a diverse bio environment! You must be in "biology teacher" heaven.

    The light streaming through the trees with the sounds of raindrops... it must be refreshing.


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