Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Home Stay and Spanish School

La Mariposa sent a shuttle to pick me up at the airport in Managua and take me to my host family in San Juan de la Concepcion (about an hour away).  It is so nice to be back in Latin America!! I love the plastic table and chairs in restaurants, the relentless honking while driving, and the smell of un-smogged cars. 
My room is simple, a bed and a small table.  It is totally safe but so loud at night (I am kicking myself for not remembering to bring earplugs!). It is right on the main street and sounds like people are driving and walking right through the house.  Not to mention the bomb-like fireworks that went off all night.  I am hoping that I get used to it.

For dinner, Bernan (one of the tutor's at La Mariposa) made me a typical Nicaraguan dinner.  Gallopinto (beans and rice), eggs, cheese, and green banana.  I was asked numerous times if I wanted coffee, which I turned down because I said I was planning on sleeping tonight.  The family laughed and said they drink coffee and then go to sleep, and they did. 

The living room is right next to my room, which opens up to the bathroom area through the curtain.  (I will post pictures of that later). 

By 8 I was walking to La Mariposa to find out how the day was going to progress.

This is the hotel, and where the Spanish lessons take place.  There are tables and chairs throughout the entire property for private lessons. 
I had three and a half hours of grammar and conversation classes. 
My conversation tutor took me for a walk, showing me all of the plants and animals on the property.

After lunch I taught English for two hours  (but four hours will start tomorrow).  I will not work on the farm until next week, this week I tutor. 
Everything is going great! This non-profit organization is very well run, and everyone is friendly. 
Except for the monkeys who kept trying to hit my camera! 


  1. The food looks soo good!! I have no one to cook for me.:( Micowave burritos suck!!

  2. glad your trip is going good. love the toucan and the evil monkey. hard to imagine a place so green and lush has a water conservation problem.

  3. What a comfortable looking place to be Brady. I love all the photos. The living room is my favorite for some reason.

    You are having such an unforgettable experience already and you just got there. Why to grab life...

  4. Those blasted monkeys trying to hit your camera how dare they! :)


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