Friday, July 13, 2012

Granada to Isla Ometepe

Before leaving for Rivas (the largest town near the ferry in San Jorge) I got a little pastry and coffee at a French bakery.  I decided to try the torta de leche because it looked like bread pudding.  I think I found something that I love more than bread pudding.  (The exchange rate is 23 Cordoba to the dollar). 

I hurried off to the "bus station" to find the bus to Rivas that was supposed to leave at 9.  When I got there I realized that the times are always changing and no book or hotel concierge could possible know the scedules for anything.  Anyway, I am glad that I got there early because it got pretty full.  There were many people standing and their bags had to go on top of the bus (instead of inside where it could be watched). 

As soon as I got to Rivas a taxi driver told me he would take me to San Jorge for 5$.  I told him I wasn't going to pay him that much (the hour and half trip there cost me a little over a dollar).  I immediately found someone else for 30 Cordoba.  When I arrived at the ferry they told me it wasn't going to leave for an hour and a half.  I waited on the ferry which left 30 minutes sooner than scheduled. 

After finding my hotel, Hospedaje Soma (great place!) I decided to explore Moyogalpa. 

As soon as I found a place to eat it started pouring. 

Anyone want to buy a house?  2,500$...

I waited for the rain to stop and then went looking for a guide to take me around the island tomorrow.  I didn't walk for more than 20 minutes before it started pouring again.  I am getting pretty good at living like the Nicaraguans... I waited on steps for the rain to stop. 

Ahhh, the colors... I can't get enough!

These are mamons.  They are a very popular sweet fruit. 

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  1. Brady, with all the rain, I don't understand why water is such an issue there. Hmmm. More to ponder.

    I too am enjoying the colors. I love all the unique ones. That green is WOW.

    I find it intersting the "house for sale" sign is in English. Are you still seeing a lot of gringos? Looks AMAZING...


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