Tuesday, July 17, 2012

San Juan del Sur

Before heading down to San Juan del Sur I wanted to see a little more of the city.
The iglesia above is Zaragoza, 1934.  I just happened to walk by it on the way to the museum.

The museum that I was interested in was the former house of Ruben Dario.  He was a poet, known as the Father of Modernism, who has influenced countless famous writers. 

I wanted patiently until after 9, and then decided I should probably hit the road.
I saw the outside of his house.  That has to count for something! 

Two taxis, three buses and almost 8 hours later I finally arrived in San Juan del Sur.  I am staying at Yajure Surf Hostel.  It is an ideal location (outside the main party areas of the city) and decently priced.  The bonus is that it is owned by an ex-pro surfer who knows all of the breaks well.  I surfed for four hours straight yesterday...

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  1. After seeing your photo of the sunset, I can understand the reasons behind painting the houses the colors they do. Absolutely breathtaking.

    Again, wow. I need new words in my vocabulary!


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