Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trek to the ATM

My morning started at La Mariposa with grammar and conversation classes.
I have been pretty tied down here at the hotel as working and taking classes (and lunch) is from 8-5. 

Today's lesson was a review on reflexive verbs, yesterday's was the difference between por y para.  These are definitely things that have never really sunk in even after all of the years of Spanish I have taken. 
This is, without a doubt, my favorite location for Spanish classes though.

A fifteen minute walk up the hill from La Mariposa leads you to the pueblo of La Concha.  There is nothing much to the small city but they do have a nice sized iglesia. 

I love the bright colors on houses that exist everywhere else in the world except in the US...

It is interesting to see what is for sale in some doorways.  This place only has a small amount of bread, and nothing more.

About 10 minutes past La Concha by minibus is another town called San Marcos.  This is the closest place to withdrawal money from an ATM (which isn't the most convenient location but since basically everything is included at La Mariposa I don't need much money anyway). 

There was a funeral service going on at San Marcos' main church. 
Now that I have seen the closest towns there is really no reason to return.  It is lovely to see, but there is nothing much to do. One week here is the perfect amount of time (although there are plenty of people staying for months). 
I am not very good at staying in one location for very long.  I am just happy that the Spanish school here is so wonderful or I may be more antsy. 

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  1. Brady, what an adventure you are having. I had no idea what to expect by your trip here. You have opened my eyes to so much. Thank you for sharing.

    "I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." ~Robert Louis Stevenson


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