Sunday, July 29, 2012

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica's smallest National Park.  It is easily explorable in one day, but it is worth exploring nevertheless.

You have to love being able to swim at a National Park!

So exciting.  I saw two today, and they have been on my list of animals to see during this trip (a trip that is quickly winding down). 
They almost always have what appears to be a smile on their face.

Check out his claws...

I loved watching this sloth.  He so badly wanted to get to a nearby tree.  He kept trying and trying, and almost falling each time, but it just was not going to happen for him. 
Look at the determination in his face.  Poor guy!  We were all cheering him on below.  Si se puede!

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  1. Hey Brady, it's Leslie and me commenting as a lesson on how to for Leslie. We both are very curious about the second photo. What is that interesting creature?

    You look pretty sexy swimming in the National Park. The photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Buen Viaje!


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