Monday, July 9, 2012

La Finca

Today was my first day on the farm (la finca).  It was so much more beautiful than I imagined.  First I picked beans so that they can plant them later, then I pulled out all of the plants that are not producing, and then cleared the land with shovels and rakes.  It was hard work! 

This is my footprint... I landed right on top of baby carrots!  I really enjoyed today, but I need to watch my step or there won't be food for anyone to eat! 

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  1. Parece que usted está teniendo una aventura increíble. Los recuerdos se crea! Gracias por compartirlos con nosotros.

    I found this fact: "Nicaragua is a very large country. It is considered one of central Americas “Tropical Paradise.” If, you get the chance to visit you will surely agree that Nicaragua offers diverse wildlife, culture and history."

    Thanks for sharing its beauty with us!


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