Friday, July 6, 2012


Today my conversation teacher took me to the local primary and secondary schools.  It is very interesting to see the differences between how we teach in the US and how they teach here.  For one thing, it seems to me that the teachers are not as strict.  For example, in this first grade class the students were constantly out of their seats; moving their desks to be closer to the teacher, standing at the doorway to talk with students who walk by, approaching the teacher to show him something they wrote (and this is all while he was lecturing!).  It appeared like the teaching was very teacher-focused, but I imagine the lack of resources and technology prevents it from being more student-focused.  Oh, and I should mention the class sizes.  In the secondary school classes that I observed there were, on average, more than seventy students crammed into a classroom! 
Although it was very different from what I am used to in the US, the students seemed to be learning, which is progress for a country whose current illiteracy rate is about 30%.

After my Spanish classes it was time for lunch.  Today lunch was especially yummy; salad, rice, refried beans, steamed squash, and french fries.  Mmmmm mmmm. 

Then is was tutor time!  Today only Edwin could come. I think today will be my last day teaching English classes.  I believe next week I will be working on the farm (or la finca). 


  1. I never know how you nanage to get so much done in such a short time. I miss you but glad you are enjoyng the hotel and escuela.

    I am slsi glad to hear that you ignored the warnings about not travelling to dangerous areas by the locals.:)

    MIss YOu!!

  2. What an glimspe into your day. How did the students react to a gringa in their room? Were they showing off?

    I love the food photos. A french fry can go with any dish :o)

    I hope it was a rewarding class session for you Brady! Keep keeping us posted.


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