Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Las Flores de la Finca

The farm is absolutely gorgeous.  I am very happy with my choice to volunteer here.  Although there are many different species of butterflies in Nicaragua all of the time there are more than usual because it is summer, and there are more flowers than any other time of the year.   

Que bonitas son las flores aqui! 

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  1. beau·ti·ful[ bytəf'l ]ADJECTIVE
    1. pleasing to senses: very pleasing and impressive to look at, listen to, touch, smell, or taste
    2. excellent: very good or enjoyable

    Synonyms: lovely, attractive, good-looking, gorgeous, stunning, striking, fine-looking, handsome
    Synonyms: lovely, picturesque, scenic, delightful, charming, wonderful, exquisite, pleasing, superb, magnificent

    Brady, I can't find any other words to describe this series!!!


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