Monday, July 2, 2012


So, getting to LAX was a group effort (other people's effort, not mine).  First my dad drove from Temecula to pick me up in Escondido.  We went to Rainbow Oaks Restaurant in Rainbow for breakfast, which was surprisingly good.

Then my dad dropped me off at my sisters house, and I got to see the bow and arrows that Dan made for the girls.

My sister drove me to LA (sans kids). 

We did the Walk of Fame,

and took advantage of Margarita Mondays. 

After a panini lunch in Venice Marla dropped me off at my friend Brittany's work (whom I met while studying in Mexico oh so many years ago). 
The following morning Brittany took me to the airport.
So far, so good!


  1. Looks awesome there. Don't let the money's bumb you!!

  2. wish i would have bought those glasses! i love maaarrrggggaaaaarrriiitttaaaaa monday!! they were surprisingly delicious. fun day away from the kids but i could have used your company for the long drive home too bad you were drinking without me somewhere else.

  3. You sure took a fun route to LAX. Looks like a wonderful send off. Love the 'stache. Miss you already.


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