Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Frog Night Hike at Drake Bay

Night hikes are amazing, especially in the Osa Peninsula. 
Glass grasshopper are see through, and initially look like spiders. 

A glass frog, carefully watching her eggs.  The eggs will drop one by one into the water below and once they are all in the stream she will leave her leaf.

A walking stick, the first one I have ever seen in the wild.  It was about 6 inches long.

A wolf spider, very different from the ones in California.  About 15 years I killed a wolf spider when I was sleeping by crushing it in my hand.  I woke up, turned on the light and saw huge harry legs sticking out between my fingers.  Good thing it wasn't a costa rican wolf spider!
Now we are talking... poison dart frog.  They are called dart frogs because they were used by indigenous people to poison their arrows. 
Red eyed tree frog. 
What a successful hike, I couldn't have asked to see more (well, maybe a pit viper would have been nice...)


  1. You got so many great pictures of the local flora & fauna! The biodiversity is the BEST thing about that region; although the gallo pinto for breakfast is great too! I hope you're having a wonderful time. Take care!

  2. The red eyed tree frog is totally posing for you. Super cute photo. All are exception. The Walking Stick is amazing.

    Your Wolf Spider story freaked me out. You are a nature girl...extreme.

    I've been reading again. The number of species of snakes in Costa Rica which is around 135. YIKES. Glad you didn't see any of the poisonous ones.

    Nice to see you use your headlamp for other things than competitive Scrabble on our patio in Italy :o) WOW

  3. Nice pictures the colors are amazing but the spiders are scary!


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